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How to Get a Bonus Code?

Most people look for casino bonus codes online in hopes of finding a bonus code that works and giving them free bonuses. It's not always easy to find what you're looking for because bonus codes can be valid for a certain amount of time. Once they have expired, there are still a lot of pages out online that indicate incorrect bonus codes, ie bonus codes that are not working. This can be very frustrating to you as a player.

Here at Casino we have made it as easy as possible for you. Our offers found in the table below will directly link you to the respective site where the bonus offer is already the best right now. You can see this under the "Bonus" column. You do not need to enter any bonus code unless specifically stated in our instructions or pages about the respective bonus code, but you get what is guaranteed today is the best offer for each casino. Once you have been a player at a casino for a while, the casino usually delivers bonus codes to you as a player. These are received by email or as a message in your casino account. Often, the casino offers you the opportunity to compete in matches and the like, where you can win bonus codes.

For this reason, it is most advantageous to take part in one of the welcome bonuses you see in the table below by clicking 'Download Bonus.' Once you have become a customer at the casino, you can take advantage of the bonus codes that the casino itself gives you and you can be sure of working.

How do you activate a Casino Bonus Code?

If you have found a bonus code here at Casino that you want to use, or if you are already a customer and have received a bonus code from the casino, this may happen in different ways. At some online casino, you enter the bonus code when you create your account for the first time. This is done when you use a welcome bonus. Other times you will be awarded casino bonus codes via email, text message or message from the casino where you are already a customer. These are used under your account settings or under a dedicated tab for offers, bonuses, or bonus codes. Thus, it appears in different ways depending on the casino.

Rules for Bonus Codes - Sales Requirements

When you activate a bonus code, it often results in either cashing directly into a bonus account (often called bonus money), or first using the free spins that you have won, then win the bonus account. At the vast majority of casinos you can find two different accounts inside your user. The one is the actual bonus account and the other is your regular account (often called a player account or balance). This is related to what is commonly called turnover. This means that the money in your bonus account must first be converted a certain number of times before they end up in your player account or "regular account". You can not withdraw any money from the bonus account, but you must do this via your player account.

In other words, you usually need to translate the money you get, or win via casino bonus codes, a certain number of times. Often, you need to sell bonus money 30-40 times, but other times you may only need to translate these one-time, or none at all. If you do not need to sell the money you get through bonuses, you usually say that the bonus gives you free of charge free spins, or a sales-free deposit bonus and so on. This is someone who is highly sought after if you are looking for quick money, because you can then take advantage of a bonus and then immediately collect the potential winnings.

Now, you hopefully know more about how casino bonus codes work and how they are used. The best part is to make use of a new welcome bonus by clicking 'Download Bonus' in the table further up, and then using a bonus code directly from the casino when you are already a player. If there are any bonus codes to use from the start for you as a new player, you can always trust us to give these to you at Casino.

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