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Best Betting in The Casino

Not so long ago we discussed the worst bets that you can make in a casino, such as a draw in Baccarat, Blackjack and the bet that when you throw a dice it will turn over just once. Today we will look at some of the most popular casino betting from the player's point of view.

The strategy of winning poker

A good poker player can start winning regularly and become a master of the game with the ability to win money with trucks. The world's best poker players are the ones you see in TV games for money such as the "High Stakes Poker" show and the regular tournament of professionals who are favorites among players with a lower level of skill.

However, there are about 20 losers per winner. Therefore, if you want to be in the winning 5%, make sure that you are doing your homework on poker and practice before you besiege the game table.

Winning poker is possible, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

Card counting in blackjack

If you watched movie 21 or read the book "Bringing Down the House", you already know what I'm talking about. Blackjack players who know how to count cards (and how to use this knowledge) can actually get an advantage over the casino. They play with small stakes until there is a disproportionate number of dozens and aces in the deck, which give the player an advantage, and then they raise the stakes. In this way they receive a positive mathematical expectation ... while the casino employees do not understand what is going on and will not kick them out.

Pass and do not pass bets in bones

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph about bad bets, the dice game is full of idiotic bets with a high casino advantage. Whatever it was, the bones are one of the games most friendly to the player (if you, of course, put money in the right direction). Adhere to the rates of Pass and Do not Pass and the advantage of the casino will never exceed 1, 41%. If you combine these rates with rates with unbeneficial conditions (laying odds), the interest will be even lower. Among the Pass and Do not Pass rates there are also other quite good rates. For example, rates on 6 and 8 are offered with the advantage of casino 1, 52%.

Video Poker Game Machines

There is a big difference between playing slots and video poker. In the game on slots, you can rely only on God's help, whereas in video poker your decision determines the final result. First, you need to select a high-payout machine such as "9/6 Jacks and Better", and then apply the best strategy. There are machines that offer payouts in excess of 100%, which means that the player has the opportunity to place a bet with a positive mathematical expectation. When playing online, make sure that you choose a game with good bonuses, so that the advantage of the casino is reduced even more.

Baccarat - avoiding a draw

Baccarat is a player-friendly game, until you make an idiotic bet on Egalight (a draw). When you bet on a banker's victory, the advantage of the casino is 1.06%, when you bet on the player's victory - 1.24%. Compared with most casino games, Baccarat is really a plus game.

The basic strategy of playing blackjack

Blackjack is a good game, even if you do not consider cards that can not be done online. If you follow the basic strategy, the advantage of the casino is reduced to 1% - the percentage with which few casino games can compete. But to achieve this, you should remember that you can never neglect strategy and you can never play based on guesswork. These are some of the best casino bets that you can make. If you stick to them, your wallet will not be empty for a long time, and you will increase your chances of leaving the `casino at a profit.

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