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Tips Of Online Roulette

Tips to Play Better and Win at Roulette: There is no certainty when playing roulette and games of chance in general, but there are some tricks to apply to increase the chances of winning. We want to list 10, reminding you that the best strategy is to play free versions before betting money and only after having defined your style of play, then start betting money.

Tip on Color

This is the simplest bet, you have a 50% chance of winning: black or red, unless the remote, but real, chance exists that the ball stops on 0. So I bet on red or black. If you win a first time, you bet again the same amount and make it until you win or lose the money invested you can still have the same amount in the account. If you lose part of your budget, stop playing and come back another day.

Bet on numbers

Betting on the set of numbers between 1-18 and 19-36 is a bit risky, although these bets pay what you would win if you bet on color the truth is that this is a method to win, eventually, a little faster.We look forward to bet one or at most twice on the same set, observe the game because a search has shown that statistically after 7 launches the chances that come out numbers not yet gone increase.If you lose three times in a row you stop playing, maybe it's not your lucky day!

Bet on the Lines

Betting on color or on lines is practically equivalent to the same. If you won on the first roll, keep the original bet, if you lose you bet twice as much as lost because if you win at least you're done again. If you lose the things to do again at this point 2: stop playing or double again but after this round, if you were unlucky in turn, stop and come back another day. In fact, we remind you that these are high-risk bets.

Bet on zero but strategically

The numbers on the wheel are 36 + 1 or 0.Follia? No if you approach this bet in a strategic way! Bet one euro on red and one euro on black and three euro on 0. If you are lucky and exit 0 within the first 10 rounds you have won 16 euros, most likely this it will happen, statistically speaking, in about 60 laps. In this way, however, you always win something until the super victory of the zero comes sooner or later. Try this free roulette strategy before betting real money and modify it as you like follow these tips.

Keep track of the game

A classic advice is valid for many other board games but keeping track of the progress of the game is always a good tip to predict the next numbers, colors and to define your bets.

Play for free

We do not tire of reiterating that this is the best strategy to get used to the table. Play the free versions, understand which numbers are the most frequently released, try different bets and find the one that's right for you. Only then, you bet real money.

Do not play any more than you would / should

Before playing for real money, give yourself a wagering limit that you do not want to exceed. If you have decided that you do not want to spend more than € 40 then if by misfortune you have to lose everything do not pay more money, simply close the computer and come back another day. Roulette is a game of luck, do not ask for something that can not be given to you!

You won? Get the winnings and come back another day

One of the worst risks is to win and not want to stop because it is believed that luck will never turn away. Have you adopted the right strategy? Did you win three times as much as you had for the game? Great, it's time to shut down the computer and come back another day.

Play accredited casinos

All the casinos recommended by us are safe, legal and accredited but if you want to look for alternative solutions, online and offline, make sure you play in casinos with regular licenses or risk getting into unclear and unsafe circles.

Multiple of 5

Practice and experience make us believe multiples of 5 are more likely to exit than other numbers. These are the most common numbers to bet on, try the free version and let us know what you think!

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