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Omaha Poker - Features of The Game, Varieties

Omaha poker is the second most popular card game in terms of popularity. It is played by millions of people, including in online format. Some players, having learned to play Hold'em, pass to this discipline, since it has much in common with its elder brother. Despite the similarities with Hold'em, Omaha Poker has a number of important differences in the rules that must be considered in the game and when choosing a strategy.

Many players recognize that Omaha is more interesting than Hold'em. Indeed, this game is more dynamic and exciting. The fact is that in Hold'em poker, most hands are completed before it starts - pre-flop. In most cases, only two or three players enter the auction. In Omaha poker, on the contrary, most often the game comes to the flop, and in the bidding comes several rivals. In this, of course, there is a minus, since it is more difficult to draw a lottery, besides, at Omaha tables players pay rake more than in Hold'em (from banks played pre-flop, rake is not charged).

Omaha has two varieties - High and High. In online and offline poker, Omaha Hi-Lo is less popular than the High format, but this discipline can not be called unpopular. Both formats are included in the schedule of several WSOP tournaments - the World Series of Poker.

Principles of playing poker Omaha

If you start playing online in Omaha poker, you will notice that the game is very similar to Hold'em. Two disciplines have much in common! So, the principle of the game is identical - players receive pocket cards, after which four levels of bidding are conducted after each of which, except for the last one, common cards are opened. The game follows the following scenario:

Blind setting - the obligation is passed in turn in the order of how players sit at the table - clockwise. The big and small blinds are placed in accordance with the limit of the table or the level of the tournament, the ante is rarely used; Distribution of pocket cards - all participants of the game receive, each with four cards;

Bidding pre-flop; Opening the flop - three common cards are laid out on the table;

Bidding on the flop; The opening of the turn is another common card;

Bidding on the turn; The opening of the river is the last fifth community card;

Bidding on the river; Opening the cards and giving the bank to the poker player who collected the highest combination. Features of the rules for building combinations in poker Omaha

Combinations in Omaha are not the same as in Hold'em. If you sit in this discipline for the first time, you should first study these rules, otherwise you will lose money, assessing the strength of your hand as well as in Hold'em. You need to consider the following rule for building combinations in Poker Omaha:

Omaha High

The classic version of Omaha is also called Omaha High. In this discipline, only cards that are played in all types of poker are considered when opening the cards. Here, the player wins the pot, which is the strongest hand. The section of the bank can only take place if the players have collected completely equivalent combinations, for example - two identical Straights. Omaha High is offered by all popular poker rooms.

Omaha Hi-Lo Poker

Quite an interesting and unusual discipline - poker Omaha Hi-Lo. In it, the participants set themselves the goal to gather not only the High hand, but also Lowe. Low-combinations are five-card hands consisting of low-value cards - from the Deuce to the Eight, and also Ace, which in their composition acts as a unit. The smaller the face value of the Low card, the stronger it is. So, the best Low is Street from Ace to Five.

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