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Latest Casino Bonuses

The majority of all online casinos offer latest casino bonuses in any form to their players. As a player, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the terms of the campaign for each site, so that you know exactly what requirements the player is required to qualify for a bonus, thus determining which gaming site's bonuses are best suited to their own situation. Below we have compiled a guide to what you as a player should consider when it comes to casino bonuses:

Deposit bonuses for new players

Deposit bonus for new players means that the casino adds a certain percentage of the player's first deposit to the player's account. Bonus percentages and the minimum and maximum amount of deposit amount vary depending on the site, so it pays to compare the casino's deposit bonuses before turning on.

A gaming site may offer 100% in deposit bonus up to 1000 kronor, so if you deposit 1000 kronor, the casino gives you a thousand dollar extra to play for. Another game site can, in turn, offer more complicated bonus schemes, giving the alternatives 100% up to $ 500 or 50% up to $ 1000, which in both cases gives the player $ 500 extra to play for.

Fixed deposit bonuses

Some online casinos like http://www.tragaperrasdecasinos.com/ offer a fixed deposit bonus instead of increasing the deposit percentage by a certain amount. Fixed deposit bonuses can be easy money to play with or free gameplay on a certain amount. In odds games, the free play often has restrictions such as the odds being over ½. If the player wins with free bet, the casino in most cases only pays out the winnings, and not the actual bet.

Free spins, free spins or freerolls

Casinos usually provide free spins, that is, free game rounds on video slots, in their campaigns. Players are often given free spins in connection with their first deposit but freespins can also be used to reward players who spend a certain amount. Current free spins, it's important to check how much you need to deposit to get to know them, as well as the value of each spin. You have the chance to win more if each spin is worth a bet of 5 kronor compared to each spin worth 1 krona. However, winnings from free spins often have an upper limit.

Bonuses without deposit requirements

Bonuses without deposit requirements are the cream of the moss when it comes to casino bonuses. These are rare offers that tend to be limited to a certain time or season. Bonus without deposit requirements just as the name says that the casino deposits funds to the player's account without the player having to deposit money himself. It is sometimes necessary to enter a special discount code or to play a certain amount in advance before you can take advantage of this offer. For example, the casino may require the player to have invested at least $ 50 per week for a period to qualify for the offer.

VIP and loyalty program

VIP and loyalty programs differ from bonuses in the sense that they are more long-term and regularly offer rewards to regular customers. The more you play the better rewards you get because you rise in level in the loyalty program. Once you reach a high enough level, you can get exclusive rewards like cashbacks or faster payouts. Some casinos offer exciting opportunities such as participating in special tournaments with a lot to win.

Terms of Bonuses

Before you decide to share a gaming site's bonus program, it is worth paying a little bit of the fine print on the terms of use so that you know what bonus terms apply. We recommend that you check the following clauses: Sales Requirements | You usually have to pay the bonus amount a certain number of times before you can withdraw your bonus in cash.

Time Limits | Sometimes there is a time limit for the sales requirements. If the requirements are not met within the specified timeframe, your bonus will be shredded. Folded Games | Certain game types are not fully included in the sales claim. For example, 50 kronor can fill 50 kr of turnover requirement when playing slots, but if you bet $ 50 on bets with lower house benefits such as baccarat, only 10 kr of turnover may be filled.

Bonus Restrictions | To avoid abuse, bonuses can be limited to one per household or per machine. If you try to break these limits, it may result in your bonus being deleted and possibly closing your account, even if it was an honest mistake.

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