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Different Types of Poker Bonuses

Competition in the online poker industry is incredibly tough and the sites are constantly trying to make new players and keep their old ones. A wide range of games, a good software and being able to offer a nice poker experience are some ways for the sites to achieve their goals. Another method is to offer registration bonus to new and already active players. Here are some types of bonuses you can enjoy as poker players online:

Bonuses for New Players (Deposit Bonus)

The bonus that new players get is often a match of the first bet. The poker site thus matches your first bet with a percentage of 50-200%. However, there is often a maximum amount that the site does not exceed. To get to know your bonus, you often need to play a certain amount of player points together. Player Points are obtained by replaying actual cash in cash games or in tournaments. Before accepting a bonus, you need to consider the rate at which you have the chance to play player points, how many game points are required to get your bonus paid and how long you can play the points before the bonus is no longer applicable. Few sites offer you a bonus amount immediately when you start playing and those who do so without using a percentage system still require you to play and earn points before you get the bonus paid out in cash.

Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are offered on most poker sites and allow you to play cash in the tournament without making a purchase. These Freeroll tournaments are offered to new players, players who have reached a certain level in their reward system (points system) and some are open to all types of players. The tournament itself and all winnings should be seen as a bonus when you get something without paying for it.

Reward System

Almost all poker sites have a reward system. These reward systems are based on how much you play in cash games and tournaments on the page. Your level in the system changes every month depending on how many points you have earned. Once you reach the highest levels, you will be reassessed quarterly or yearly instead. Your benefits and rewards increase the higher your reward system. Rewards may, for example, be freeroll tournaments, goods, cash or VIP treatment, making it easier and easier to earn player points.

Reload Bonus

This kind of bonus works just like the bonus you received when you first started playing but are often not as generous. Usually, Reload Bonuses are only available a few times a year.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Poker sites often offer an active player a bonus when they get a friend to start playing on the site. The bonus is often a fixed amount between $ 50 and $ 100 and it is required that your friend has made a first bet in cash and sometimes even the new player is playing a certain number of games.

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