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Betting Strategies in Multi-Deck Blackjack Games

Blackjack in one of the most popular casino table games in history. It’s been played for over 400 years and is now widely enjoyed across the globe.

Whilst it’s ultimately a test of luck, a little brain power can significantly improve your profitability in this card game. In fact, many gamblers choose blackjack over alternative casino games, such as roulette and slots, because they like the opportunity it affords to show off some strategic thinking.

Turns out the days of card counting were numbered

One of the most famous blackjack strategies is card counting. This involves keeping track of what cards have already been dealt at the table to determine what’s likely to come next. It used to be one of the most effective systems you could implement. However, it’s so effective at reducing the house edge against the player, casinos have taken drastic action to crack down on the practice. By adding more card decks to the shoe, they’ve made it virtually impossible – even for the best of card counters – to keep track of what’s been played.

This means the days of relying solely on card counting are long gone. It’s now more important than ever to have a solid betting strategy lined up that can work in multi-deck blackjack games, to complement your natural skill and intuition.

What is progressive betting?

A commonly used multi-deck strategy is progressive betting. Working on a belief in winning and losing streaks, it sees the size of your bet being determined by the success of your last hand. In other words, if you won your last hand, you increase the size of your next bet. If you lost your last hand, you reduce the size of your next bet. As a general rule of thumb, increased bets are doubled and reduced bets are halved.

Theoretically, the progressive system should work to maximise your profits and minimise your losses. Find yourself on a lucky winning streak and you’ll keep raking in progressively bigger returns. Get stuck in a long losing streak and the decreasing bet size will help prevent you from annihilating your bankroll before you have a chance to turn your luck around.

However, as with all casino game strategies, there are no guarantees. It’s important for players to remember not to get caught up in the strategy if it’s not working out. Don’t be afraid to stop increasing your bet size if your growing uncomfortable with the amount you’re staking. Even if you’ve made a nice profit from your previous wins, this can easily be fluttered away on a few high-stake unlucky bets.

What is regressive betting?

An alternative plan of attack is regressive betting. This well-known blackjack strategy is also referred to as the Martingale System. Essentially, it’s the opposite of progressive betting.

Instead of increasing your bet after a win, you decrease it; instead of decreasing your bet after a losing hand, you increase it. The idea behind this is to try and maximise potential wins to make up for previous losses. Theoretically, if you endure a long losing streak, you should eventually get dealt a winning hand and the higher wager will bring you enough cash to put you in overall profit.

Nevertheless, whilst regressive betting is a popular strategy, it’s a particularly risky system. Doubling your bet after every losing hand could set you on the path to some major losses if you’re unable to turn your fortunes around; let’s face it, there’s no guarantee a losing streak will end.

Where can I test multi-deck strategies?

There are now more online casino sites and apps available than ever before. This means it’s a great time to play casino card games on your mobile. You’ll find a variety of different online blackjack tables to choose from, where you can put different multi-deck strategies to the test. What’s more, many online casinos provide generous sign-up offers for new players, so you can start trying your hand at their blackjack games without having to risk your own cash.

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