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7 Cards Stud Poker

The rules for seven card stud, or seashore poker, are somewhat more complicated than the rules for Texas Hold'em or Omaha Hi. The game is basically simple, but it may take a little time in the beginning before you understand how the structure works.

Dividend of The Cards

In seven card studs or slightly shortened 7 studs, each player must first get two cards with the back up and an open, so-called "door card". Then one more card is handed out to each player and it is always preceded by a betting round. In total, each player must be assigned seven cards (hence the name) before the hand is completed. Cards four, five and six are open while card seven is a dark card. No community cards are used.

In front of each new donation, all players must make an appointment. Ante is an amount determined before the game and placed in the pot before the actual hand starts. The size of this ante can vary, but it is usually several times less than a full bet.


After the first three cards are awarded to each player, the first betting round begins. The player with the lowest door card must start by placing a put-in bet. If multiple players would have the same lowest value, the color ranges from highest to lowest: spades, hearts, routes, clover.

After the forced effort, the remaining players in the clockwise order have the choice between folding, calling or raising. When all players have made their selection, another card is awarded after which the next betting round begins.From the second betting round, it is the player with the best (visible) hand acting first and this applies to the rest of the given.


For example, if the game is played with bet 1 and 2 units, 1 unit is what applies to bets or increases during the first two betting rounds, while 2 units are the bet / raise that applies during the last three betting rounds.

A special case is when a player has a visible pair on the table after the fourth card is handed out. On these occasions, the player who has the pair may choose to bet 1 or 2 units. Checking is of course always a permitted option.

7 studs are usually played as limits, but sometimes there is also something called spread-limit. In this case there are some additional amounts to bet.

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